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If you do not meet the requirements of the Disturbance Standard you will require a:

Temporary Field Authorization

Disturbance Standard

for Temporary Seasonal Docks and other Mooring Structures for Personal Recreational Purposes

Summary of Standards for Temporary Seasonal Docks

You may have one temporary seasonal dock for personal use,

    1.5 meters wide within the mooring area.

>  The dock and associated mooring structures cannot exceed 50%

     of the waterfront holder's lot width.

>   The dock must be at least three meters away from property lines.

>   The dock may not have any fixed or covered structures.

      Fuel cannot be stored on the dock.

>   The dock and all boat lifts, swimming platforms and buoys

      are to be removed before the end of the open water season.

>   Boat lift may be placed as an associated structure or as a stand alone

      structure, but must be temporary and cannot be enclosed on all sides.

>    You do not need to apply for a dock permit, unless your dock

     does not align with the disturbance standard.

Removal of Aquatic Vegetation

A waterfront owner or semi-waterfront owner may only cut aquatic vegetation in accordance with the following:

     >   aquatic vegetation may only be cut once per year between

          August 1 and September 30.

    >   the length of the area from which aquatic vegetation is cut

          may only consist of a single lane from the bank in a direct

          path perpendicular to the shore.

    >   the width of the single lane shall be a maximum of 4 meters

          and must remain in the same location every year.

    >   the depth of cutting of aquatic vegetation shall not be

         greater than 1 meter below the water surface.