PO Box 1778

St. Paul, Alberta  T0A 3A0

Phone: (780)645-4677

Email: svhorseshoebay@gmail.com

Mayor: Gary Burns

Phone: (780)464-2011
e-mail: gmburns45@gmail.com

Deputy Mayor: Dave Amyotte

e-mail: dave@amyotteweld.ca

Councillor: Marg Laberge

Phone: (780)614-4168
e-mail: labergegm@gmail.com

Norman Briscoe

PO Box 1778, St. Paul, AB  T0A 3A0
Phone: (780)645-4677
e-mail: svhorseshoebay@gmail.com

Hall Rental & Maintenance:
Elaine Staudzs

Phone: (780)645-7864
e-mail: evs42@mcsnet.ca

Council and Administration Policies

Council and Administration



Regular Council Meeting:

Sunday May 15, 2022, 1:00 pm
To be held by ZOOM electronic meeting at:

email: svhorseshoebay@gmail.com

Residents may attend the meeting electronically by requesting a ZOOM invitation by email.

Any citizen wishing to speak or make a presentation at a council meeting, should contact the Village administrator, to request to be put on the agenda.