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The Summer Village of Horseshoe Bay is located at the north west end of Vincent Lake, approximately 20 km north of St. Paul, Alberta.

It was incorporated as a Summer Village on January 1, 1985 and is governed by 3 elected individuals; a mayor, a deputy mayor and one councillor.

Municipal elections are held in July every four years. Day to day operations are handled by a Chief Administrative Officer.

There are 145 residential lots in the Village.

Notice of Nomination Day

Summer Village of Horseshoe Bay

Notice is hereby given that Nomination Day is Saturday, July 1, 2017, and that nominations for the election of 3 Councillors will be received between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon at Martin Recreation Center.

Please call the Returning Officer at (780)645-4677 to arrange for pick up or mailing of a nomination package.



10:00 AM.


All Village residents are encouraged to attend.

Upcoming Events

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Emergency Alert System

The Region of St. Paul Notification/Alert System is now in operation and ready for you to Subscribe.

To go on-line and subscribe, follow the link www.stpaul.ca to review the information and sign-up. It should take you about 3 minutes to subscribe on the system. By subscribing, you will receive sensitive information on any potential emergencies that could affect you in the area.

Every member of your family that wants the notification will need to sign up, as its based on each individuals personal contact information. Pass on this information to family and friends about signing up to a state of the art system.

Village Speed Limits

Please keep in mind that the speed limits in the Village are 35 kph.

Click here for Village Speed Limit By-Law

Frequently people are walking with their children or pets and they would appreciate vehicles slowing down when going by, this includes quads and other off-road vehicles.

Burning Brush

If you are planning to burn brush or anything that will create an unusual amount of smoke, contact the Summer Village office at (780) 645-4677 or call (780) 826-7446 and leave a message as to the location of your fire. This will help reduce the number of false alarms to the fire department. A fire permit is not required.


The Spring 2017 Newsletter is now on-line. Click on the "News" tab to access it. We once again urge residents to provide us with their email address. With the increased cost of postage it is becoming very costly to mail out the newsletter. Thanks to those that have provided their email.

The Martin Recreation Centre is available to rent for family get-togethers, such as birthdays, anniversaries or family reunions.  Contact the Village office at (780) 645-4677 or call Elaine at (780) 645-7864.

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